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Fondasolutions develops it’s own formwork systems and templates in order to improve constantly the quality of the construction.


Construction of the foundation

Fondasolutions combines the technical development and the construction of the foundation. Our formwork systems and mounting templates are designed following the civil engineering plans.

The construction and assembly of the different parts are realized in our shop. This allows us to supervise the different steps in construction and to control the quality.

We develop solutions for your construction project and we can master the realization. Thus we can propose you a complete package for the realization of your foundation.


The sealing of the foundation is a very important element, especially on foundations with steel embedment section.

A durable sealing avoids infiltration of water in between the embedment section and the concrete pedestal.

The intrusion of humidity on long term can cause durable damages which may question the activity of the Wind turbine later on.

Fondasolutions works with different fabrics of waterproofing systems.

We recommend a sealing of liquid applied waterproofing, in order to obtain a complete waterproofed surface.

Fondasolutions is a qualified applicator of Kemperol Systems.

Retrofitting of foundations

Fondasolutions is also working on renovation and repairing of foundations for wind energy turbines. In the past, a lot of foundations have been built without durable waterproofing between the embedment section and the concrete of the pedestal.

It's possible to install a waterproofing system subsequently. It completes the remedial action of an old or damaged concrete surface.

The installation of a liquid waterproof system within the construction of the foundation is a real increase in value. At the same time, the risk of an eventual stop of the wind turbine for  repairing and installation of a waterproofing system later on is diminished.


Grouting works

Fondasolutions is doing grouting works on wind energy turbines since several years already, whether on foundations constructed by Fondasolutions or constructed by other companies. Our service is recognized by many turbine manufacturers as for example Nordex, Siemens, Vestas or General Electrics.

Our company is certified applicator for the products of PAGEL, BASF and GRACE (Betec).

Special constructions

Fondasolutions is your partner in the construction of particular foundations for wind turbine generators.

We can provide our know-how and experience in constructions of foundations to find a solution for the construction of the foundation especially for your particular project.

10 m Concrete Tower

Following a special purchase order of a great number of concrete towers, Fondasolutions constructed a 10m formwork system. The formwork system contains working platforms as well as an appliance to do a levelling of the embedment section.

The outer formwork features fixations for the reinforcement bars. Even with a final height of about 10m, this system allows to fix nearly all the reinforcement at man’s height on the crane platform.

The inner platforms allow safe access to the upper part of the formwork to do the levelling of the embedment section.

Foundation with 5m high pedestal

The technical solution of a 5 m pedestal allows to increase the turbine height without to resort to a higher tower.

At first sight, these foundations do not differ very much from foundations with “normal” pedestal height of 2m.

The construction of theses foundations are particularly different view to the progression of the construction as well as the mounting of the reinforcement bars. Special jigs and masterguides had to be designed and constructed in order to allow a secure mounting of the reinforcement bars.

The formwork of the pedestal is not only used as a formwork but also as a mounting tool and scaffolding for the installation of the reinforcement bars of the pedestal.